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Evil Emperor Zurg is a space villain motion figure and Excitement Lightyear's archenemy. He has pink evil eyes with neon gritting teeth, silver horns on his head, a purple tunic by using a black cape on it and his weapon, a gun (that has an influence Management that, being an homage to That is Spinal Tap, goes to eleven). Occasionally, he does not have a gun but a hand much like the a single on his other arm. In the primary movie, Zurg can be a referenced character, and would not surface in any way. Nevertheless, Zurg is initially observed while in the opening sequence of the second film when Buzz is attempting to acquire his most important electric power away from him (Zurg's major electric power is from an AA battery which is really revealed to be a hologram). In the following battle, Zurg vaporizes the highest 50 percent of Excitement Lightyear's human body together with his gun, killing him. The sequence then cuts showing which the opening sequence was actually a video sport played by Rex. As the Tale progresses, a Zurg toy in Al's Toy Barn bursts out from its box and follows Andy's Buzz Lightyear, that is on just how to rescue Woody from Al McWhiggin. Zurg is deluded, similar to Andy's Buzz in the very first film. In the next movie, A different copy of Buzz Lightyear, who also functions just like Excitement in the initial film, escapes from Al's Toy Barn and battles with Zurg (who says exactly the same detail he mentioned in the video clip match before the combat) making use of toy factors (pin balls and lights).

Big Newborn is actually a Bitty Infant doll with a lazy eye who carries around a bottle and is adorned with childlike scribbling that resembles ferocious tattoos. He Typically does not communicate, rather speaking by toddler sounds, with the exception of one particular spoken line following the toys escape Sunnyside.

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Zurg also appears as in Buzz Lightyear of Star Command and its immediate-to-video Motion picture Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Starts. Zurg suggests he is Lightyear's father through a combat so that you can shock Lightyear, ahead of regaining the advantage through the fight then denying the reality of that previous assert. If this is really genuine, Excitement definitely would not know who his father is. This Variation of Zurg is usually seriously lightened up, likely within the movie's Darth Vader-esque Edition into a considerably much less overwhelming 1; during the Television sequence Zurg is usually a flamboyant villain that is just as A lot a comic book aid character as He's a formidable opponent, much like Skeletor. This Zurg is recognized for videotaping Excitement's speeches, protecting a troll doll collection, and several other comedic patterns. He is proven to possess a little bit of a British accent throughout the collection. It truly is exposed in the primary episode that there's a Nana Zurg, but she is never observed at all (While he statements that she's "lots evil"). Zurg would appear to generally be a cyborg of some description, also very similar to Darth Vader. Nonetheless, it's also been mentioned amongst followers that his "cybernetic" traits could also quite perfectly be because of State-of-the-art engineering. There exists however for being a transparent response. From the Tv set series, he will be the warlord-like ruler of the evil empire and it is in command of a military of Hornet robots, likewise of the minion workforce consisting of Grubs and Brainpods.

Pez Cat (voiced by Kate McKinnon) - a Pez dispenser whose head is the fact of a cat wearing Eyeglasses, and who serves since the lookout for the trapped toys from the Slumber Nicely motel.

Bullseye is often a toy horse who was released in Toy Story 2. He's the first toy with which Woody interacted in Al's penthouse. He was incredibly delighted to at last see Woody above quite a long time in storage. When Woody discovered a shelf filled with collectibles of him click here and his roundup gang, Bullseye jumped to your report participant even though trying to capture a toy snake fired from a toy boot by Woody. When Woody loses an arm, he makes an attempt to have his arm back from Al, that's sleeping with a fallen bowl of scattered cheese puffs everywhere. Bullseye joins in and attempts to aid him. Woody instructed him to go and reminded him he's endeavoring to get him to storage, but Bullseye licks him and needs that can help, so Woody permitted him to. But he licked Al's tacky fingers, but stopped when Woody explained to him to stop. Bullseye is proven to loathe fights as he hides in the can when Jessie jumps on Woody. He is usually upset at Woody's intention to abandon the Roundup gang to return to Andy. Bullseye isn't going to want Woody to go away and Unfortunately looked at him when he stared at the vent, which happens to be just how out. But Bullseye grins when Woody decides to stick with the gang.

In the third film, Sid (now an Grownup) would make brief appearances in two scenes once again voiced by Erik von Detten. He is proven to be a garbageman with a small beard, recognizable by his attribute T-shirt.

In Toy Story, he likes playing checkers with Woody, typically deciding on the red aspect. Slinky is demonstrated to generally be quite possibly the most faithful to Woody and stands up for him when Potato Head complains. Slinky is fascinated by Excitement, as well as the remainder of the toys, but won't make entertaining of Woody when Excitement comes like the Other individuals do. When Woody knocks Excitement out in the window, Slinky has become the couple toys who believes it had been a mishap. Later on, when Andy notices Woody is lacking, he and Bo Peep are worried about him, in distinction to your Many others, that are happy he's absent.

In Toy Story 3, Andy is 17 and preparing to go off to college, meaning to put most of his toys while in the attic aside from Woody, whom he originally designs to acquire with him. While he seemingly has not performed along with his toys for many many years and has presented lots of them away, he remains proof against his mom's recommendation to both donate or market his remaining toys, referring to them as "junk" (which the toys consider is exactly what he certainly thinks). After they go missing, however, he gets to be upset and puzzled when he won't be able to uncover them. In advance of he goes to college, Woody secretly puts the handle of Bonnie (the young daughter of the spouse and children Pal) within the box with the toys in it, producing Andy to come back close to to the idea of donating them.

Baby Face – The chief on the mutant toys, He's a one particular-eyed Child Doll head staked along with a spider-like system with crab-like pincers manufactured from Erector established parts. Toddler Experience lives within the shadows beneath Sid's bed. A method Toddler Facial area communicates with one other toys is by banging in Morse code about the facet of Sid's metal bedpost with his huge claw.

According to a character interview that was to the Toy Tale Internet site, Bullseye communicated with Jessie while in storage by tapping his hooves to Indeed or no issues.

Inside of a reference to the relationship of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, the principal hero and villain respectively of the original Star Wars trilogy, Evil Emperor Zurg claims he is in truth The daddy of Excitement, in an almost word-for-word parody of your scene within the Empire Strikes Again. As Zurg attempts to complete off Utility Belt Buzz (at stage-blank vary), Rex accidentally hits Zurg along with his large tail, sending him slipping down the elevator shaft. The 2nd Buzz then appears to be like around the shaft and reaches his hand out, wondering he has shed his father, when Rex is happy that he has finally managed to defeat Zurg in serious lifetime. Close to the end on the film, Zurg is witnessed to obtain survived his slide having a bent horn and it is now playing catch with the thrill copy. He supposedly bumped his head so difficult In order he forgot he was Excitement Lightyear's worst enemy. The 2nd Excitement Lightyear then claims, "Oh, you are a fantastic father!" as he rushes to catch One more ball fired by Zurg. Within the novelisation, having said that, Zurg is killed by the fall, Utility Belt Buzz finds him and requires him back to Al's Toy Barn to bury him.

Reptillus Maximus (voiced by Kevin McKidd) - The Carcharodontosaurus-like Champion on the Battlesaurs, who's fascinated by Trixie immediately after meeting her. At first, Reptillus is immune to the concept of getting a plaything, feeling that to submit towards the will of his boy or girl might be surrender and dishonorable. Having said that, Trixie later on can help him to view that becoming there for Mason is honorable, and he can help her divert Mason's interest to his new toys.

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